Once activated your every new Instagram post will receive Likes automatically for the next 30 days. Likes will start within 5 minutes after post is uploaded. If it is a video, it will receive same amount of views as well!

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Popular questions

What happens after payment?

We will start working on your order immediately. It takes us up to 12 hours for your Automatic Instagram engagement campaign to be launched. After payment your order status will be 'processing', it means that we are working on your order. Once the order status changes to 'completed' you can be sure that your campaign has launched and your new posts will receive the likes and views

Is this a monthly subscription?

It is only a one time payment, not a monthly subscription. When 30 days have passed you will have to place a new order to continue.

How many posts can I upload per day?

Once your Automatic Instagram Likes and Views campaign is launched you will receive likes and views automatically to up to 30 posts per day! While competitors limit posts liked per day to 2 or 3, at BuzzVoice we will provide likes and views to up to 900 posts per month!

What happens after if I place multiple orders?

The number of likes per post will add up, but the days will not add up. For example if you will purchase 300 likes/30 days orders and after 10 days you will place another 300 likes/30 days order you will receive 600 likes for next 20 days and 300 likes for last 10 days.


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