General Questions

How do I purchase social media services from your website?

Buying from BuzzVoice takes only a few minutes. We only require your social media username or link. We will never ask for your password. Ordering process is easy in just three steps - 1. Select service and pick a package - 2. Enter order details - 3. Checkout with credit or debit card.

To see the list of all services that BuzzVoice provides just go to our service page at

You do not need to register to make a purchase. Actually we automatically set up your account under your email after your first purchase, so you can access all of your orders in the future.

Your orders list can be accessed by clicking on the "Orders" tab in the navigation or by clicking here (You have to be logged in to access this page).

We are currently accepting credit debit cards payments from VISA, MasterCard and Maestro cards.

Yes, it is 100% safe to use our services. We will never ask for your password as we only need your username or a link from social media site.

We only require your social media username/link as part of your order details. We will never ask for your password. You also need to submit a standard form with your full name and address when placing an order for VAT tax purposes.
We take your privacy seriously. We will never share your information with third parties. No one will ever know you have purchased services from us.

We do understand that quickly initiated delivery process is one of the key factors when purchasing social media marketing services. In order to start the delivery process as soon as possible we have automated part of the process so we can offer you instantaneous delivery speed for some of our services. It takes a different amount of time for each service to be started, but if you see a sign with an "INSTANT" mark on the service page, you should know that this service usually starts in less than 30 minutes. Delivery speed for other services will be noted on the service page as well, but as a rule of thumb all services are started in less than 24 hours.

Twitter Services

We offer services for all of your Twitter engagement needs. We can increase your Twitter Followers just within a few hours of placing the order. We can also boost your tweets engagement with Twitter Retweets and Likes, they usually arrive within minutes after placing your order!
For those who are looking for monthly packages we are offering Automatic Twitter Engagement service which will boost every new tweet with Retweets and Likes for 30 days!

Your new followers are high quality users with profile photos, tweets, bio descriptions and more, many of them are innactive, so you should not expect to see increased engagement from this service alone. There is a chance that a part of these followers would drop, but we do offer a limited time free of charge replacement guarantee.

Our Twitter services are completely safe to use, there is no risk of getting your account suspended. When ordering services from as you have full control of your account as we do not require your account access. Our only job is to deliver ordered your followers, retweets and likes.

Yes, we can provide unlimited amount of Followers, Retweets and Likes for same account or Tweet.

Of course! You can spread Retweets and Likes between multiple tweets. You only need to enter your Twitter username when ordering Retweets and Likes services and your tweets list will show up so you can select the tweets you want.

Facebook Services

You can order from a wide variety of Facebiok services at BuzzVoice. You can boost your fans base with our Followers service for your Facebook profile or likes service for your Facebook page. Reviews service for your Facebook page is also available. If you would like to boost your posts engagement we can deliver likes, shares, views and comments to your posts. If you are looking for automated solution for your Facebook posts we are offering Automatic likes engagement service.

Generally the Facebook fans or followers will be real worldwide Facebook users, unless you select a "targeting" option and we will only provide them from country selected.

Of course. We have a large network of Facebook users, there is no problem You can place multiple orders for same profile, page or post.

We only require your social media link to proceed with the services, but before placing an order for Facebook post you should make sure that your privacy settings are allowing all Facebook users to see and likes your posts. To check if your post is public for everyone go to Facebook ettings -> public posts -> and make sure that setting "Who can like or comment on your public profile pictures and other profile info?" is set to "Public".
Before placing Facebook Page Fans orders you should make sure that your Facebook page does not have any "age and country restrictions".

To get a link of your Facebook post on computer just click on the "time stamp" of the post and then copy your browser link. If you need to get a link of a video just enlarge the video post, right click on it, click "Show url" and just copy the shown link.
If you are using smartphone or tablet just click "share" on that post and select "copy link" from the menu.


Account is created automatically after first order.


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