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How to buy Facebook Comments?

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Our Facebook Comments packages start from as low as $3.97 for 5 Custom Comments!

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Get Facebook Comments starting from just $3.97!

If you want to save the time and energy it takes to build momentum on your Facebook Comments, look no further!

Whether you want 5 Facebook Comments or 150, we can help. Our Facebook packages are brilliant value and can be delivered in just a few short hours.

Ordering Facebook Comments couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is send us Your Facebook Post Link and let us work our magic! Sounds good?

Frequently asked questions

  • Sending the link from your Browser:
    Sending the link through to us is simple. From your browser, just go to the post you want to promote. Right click on the timestamp of the post and select 'Copy Link Address”.

    Sending the link from your Mobile:
    If you're on your mobile, make sure you're using the Facebook app first or the link won’t work.
    From inside the app, you can just click the “share” button (you will find this underneath the post). You should then see a window with the option to “Copy Link”.

  • Sorry, this is not possible. But there is a work around.
    We sell a variety of packages ranging from 5 to 150 Comments (prices start as low as $3.97) so you can always buy the smaller packages in multiples and apply them to as many posts as you want, yey!

  • Our comments packages include random generic comments and custom comments

    You can select random comments and receive comments that have been randomly picked from a list of generic comments.

    Or you can pick custom comments package and enter your own comments list in the order form.

  • It's a lot more cost-effective!

    Facebook ads can help you to reach more people, but there's no guarantee that they're going to comment your posts.

    If you want guaranteed comments at a much cheaper rates, our service is a no-brainer.

  • Nope. There's no way for them to tell, and your privacy is our top priority so you can rest assured that our lips are firmly sealed.

    No one will ever know if you have used any of BuzzVoice’s services unless you decide to tell them.

    You needn’t be all cloak and dagger about it though. There's a common misconception that buying services like these is somehow cheating.

    This simply isn't true. Our methods are used all the time by businesses as part of a wider social media strategy.

  • Yes, of course. Each of our social media marketing packages is delivered to you in the safest and most secure way.

    All of the sophisticated social media marketing strategies we employ to help you grow are 100% legitimate and completely risk free.

    We will never ask for your Facebook login information, passwords or any other sensitive data and all we need from you is a link to the post you want to promote to get started.

Why should I buy facebook comments?

Facebook comments are an important metric used to assess the relevance and quality of your page and your content. The more comments you have, the greater your visibility (and your perceived importance) will be.

However, it takes a lot more time and effort to leave a comment than it does to hit a like or a share button. Because of this, comments are much harder to get than likes or views.

Buying Facebook comments not only allows you to increase your Facebook status, but it also allows you to bypass the time and effort it takes to engage your audience to the point that they leave a comment.

Engagement is crucial on Facebook. People want to engage with active accounts. this means the more comments you have the more people (and extra engagement) you will attract.

If you want to boost the level of social interaction on your account and encourage even more organic comments, buying a few hundred Facebook comments will help you get the job done.

You may also want to throw in a few Facebook post likes to increase your exposure even further. There is an option to do this in the order form (prices start as low as $1.97 for 100 post likes).

Why choose Buzzvoice?

Our Facebook comments are priced very competitively and are delivered quickly. You can choose to use our random or customised service, so there's no need to worry about spammy or bot-like comments.

A lot of the websites selling social media marketing services don’t have good customer service. At Buzzvoice, we believe that there's no excuse for bad service or poor communication.

That's why we always aim to stand out from the crowd by providing a highly professional experience and excellent customer support. So please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or queries about the service.

What makes our Facebook comments service different?

We provide Facebook comments that are uniquely relevant to your page. This means that your comments will always make sense given the context of your content.

It's important that your comments make sense In order to maintain your Facebook credentials.

We also allow you to take total control of the wording in your comments. Simply select our custom option and tell us exactly what you want your comments to say!

Each member of our team has years of experience in social media marketing.

Our service has been tried and tested on thousands of accounts. We are constantly adapting and improving our methods to ensure that our customers are always one step ahead.

Our top tips for getting more comments on Facebook.

Our social media marketing experts have been working to promote businesses like yours for a long time.

Over the years, we have discovered a whole bunch of useful tips and tricks to help our clients increase their status and exposure on Facebook and other social media channels.

We asked around the office and gathered together some of the very best tips for getting more comments on Facebook. And here they are, just for you.

Buy Facebook comments.

The more comments you have on your photo, article or any other type of post the more comments you are likely to get. This is because people swarm to areas of high activity.

Purchasing Facebook comments, therefore, creates a snowball effect that inevitably leads to more organic comments being posted.

Ask questions.

Asking your followers questions is one of the best ways to increase the number of comments you receive on Facebook.

When you ask someone a question you are effectively hijacking their brain. They cannot help but think of an answer.

This technique is extremely effective because once they have thought of an answer it takes very little effort to type it into a comments box.

What are the best type of questions to ask to get more comments?

People love to share their opinions so it's always a good idea to ask them what they think about a topic, issue or even a product.

Timely questions can be extremely effective for boosting engagement. Try to hone on the hottest issues and trending topics in your niche for the maximum number of replies.

Ask questions that are fun and easy to answer. The less thought that’s required the more likely you are to receive a response.

Another great way to get more comments on Facebook is to encourage your fans to suggest a caption for a photo you've posted.

You could also come up with a creative sentence that has a blank to fill in (asking for a one-word answer works best) or ask your audience to choose between two options (black and white or colour, yes/no like/dislike for example).

Multiple choice questions with more than 2 options are generally a no-no because they aren’t as quick and easy.

Let people share their stuff.

One of the most effective techniques to get hundreds of comments on your post is to encourage people to talk about and promote themselves!

Take advantage of this on your Facebook page by posting a call to share links. There are a number of ways to do this so feel free to be creative.

Try asking people what they do for a living for example and encourage them to share links to their work.

How to get more organic engagement your Facebook posts.

We live in a predominantly visual world. Images are a lot easier for our brains to digest when compared to text. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that images tend to get more likes on Facebook than written posts do.

So, if you want to increase the number of likes you're getting on Facebook a really simple way to achieve this is to post more pictures and less written posts.

Make sure that the images you post are unique (preferably photos taken by you) and not under copyright.

Also, for the best results, refrain from adding text to images where possible. Though it's fine to mix it up a little by posting infographics from time to time.

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