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    How to buy IGTV Comments?

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    Our IGTV Comments packages start from as low as $2.97 for 10 IGTV Random Comments!

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    Get IGTV Comments starting from just $2.97!

    If you want to save the time and energy it takes to build momentum on your IGTV Comments, look no further!

    Whether you want 10 IGTV Comments or 2000, we can help. Our Instagram packages are brilliant value and can be delivered in just a few short hours.

    Ordering IGTV Comments couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is select your Instagram posts and let us work our magic! Sounds good?

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    Frequently asked questions

    • Surprisingly enough - yes, you can buy IGTV comments from BuzzVoice. Buying comments is rather simple and delivery works identically to IGTV likes, video views and different social media services

    • BuzzVoice only needs your Instagram username to start the delivery of IGTV comments. The only other requirement is that your account be public and there are no restrictions on your posts, as you cannot technically add comments to videos and posts of private accounts. Keep in mind that we will never ask for your password or other sensitive login information. Only your username is required.

    • BuzzVoice allows you to evenly distribute comments between a number of posts. The freedom to distribute the comments is really convenient if you want your posts to look more legit, and your numbers – more convincing to others. You can distribute to as low as 5 comments per video which is great news for content creators.

    • Getting comments on IGTV videos just as getting comments on Instagram posts is much more difficult than getting likes and views. To get a comment, you must create engaging content, and extract a certain emotion from your viewers.

      You can also ask for the opinions of your viewers and encourage them to express it in the comments. But all of this might not bring in the desired results. It’s much safer and simpler to just buy IGTV comments from BuzzVoice.

    • We recommend having at least 10 comments with every 1,000 views. The smallest package of 10 comments only cost $2.97 which is super-cheap. You can also keep a ratio of your own, but make sure to not leave videos with thousands of views, hundreds of likes without any comments. This might seem fishy to your audiences.

    • The delivery of IGTV comments is very quick. Our servers can ensure that your IGTV comments will start appearing in 30 minutes after completing an order. This is very fast and compared to other methods, offers much faster results.

    • It depends on what you compare them to. If we compare IGTV videos to regular Instagram feed or reels videos, we cannot claim that IGTV videos get more comments than other posts or vice versa. However, IGTV comments are quite abundant on popular and engaging posts.

    • Yes, they work and you can add up to 30 unique hashtags not only in the post description, but in the comment section as well. Hashtags will help potential viewers to find your content with greater ease.

    • Seeing who commented on your IGTV videos is very easy and all you need to do is open your post and either click on the comment text or the comment icon in the menu bar.

      The interface will display the username of the account which posted the comment, the contents of the comment and whether anyone has liked the comment. You are also able to interact with every comment made on your IGTV video, regardless of whether it is organic or has appeared on your post after you bought it.

    • We strongly suggest that anyone who is interested in boosting their social media status, presence and prestige, look into buying IGTV comments.

      It is unrealistic to have a video with tens of thousands of views and lots of likes but without any comments. This is why you should strongly consider purchasing IGTV comments – to make your engagement look much more real and less exposed.

    Why is BuzzVoice the best site to buy IGTV Comments?

    BuzzVoice is your one-stop-shop for all social media needs. We have been a successful brand in the business for many years and have delivered millions of views, likes and comments to our clients.

    We are a technologically-advanced company that offers super-fast delivery and 100% security during checkout. All of our likes, views and in this case – IGTV comments are high-quality meaning that even with random comments, the risk of your comment source being uncovered is negligible.

    Finally, we have great prices which means that you can concentrate on creating higher quality posts instead of solely focusing on growth.

    TOP 5 reasons why you should be buying IGTV Comments

    If you still are not totally persuaded to why buying IGTV comments is great for your personal or business brand, here are TOP 5, most important reasons why you should be doing it:

    • The improved numbers will look great – you cannot deny the obvious fact that higher numbers of engagement will look better for viewers and your fans. Having more comments can help potential buyers and followers trust your brand more, avoiding the long and mundane grind of gaining their affection..
    • It’s much cheaper than the alternatives – getting people to comment on your posts is very challenging and difficult. If you would try and calculate how much one comment made on a post costs when a media agency devised your content plan, the price would be astronomically higher compared to the pricing of BuzzVoice’s packages.
    • You can compliment other services that you bought – having a post with tons of views and likes but without comments will seem odd to followers. Avoid it and compliment your views with a decent amount of comments.
    • It will help you grow – high engagement numbers will interest potential viewers and thus boost your organic reach. It’s like two objects that are linked – one positive change influences another to make a positive change as well.
    • The results are 100% guaranteed – no media strategy in the world can guarantee comments. We can.

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