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    Our Instagram Followers packages start from as low as $2.97 for 50 Followers!

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    Get Instagram Followers starting from just $2.97!

    If you want to save the time and energy it takes to build momentum on your Instagram Followers, look no further!

    Whether you want 50 Instagram Followers or 25000, we can help. Our Instagram packages are brilliant value and can be delivered in just a few short hours.

    Ordering Instagram Followers couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is send us and let us work our magic! Sounds good?

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    Frequently asked questions

    • We offer two types of Instagram followers packages, choose the desired type and package based on your needs and wants.

      — High Quality Followers:

      More affordable pricing. Larger packages. Followers come from premium quality users*.

      *Premium quality users - accounts with profile pictures, descriptions, some followers and following, some of the accounts have posts & stories but some don’t.

      Choose this option if you want to quickly and effortlessly increase Instagram followers count for your account for a cheap price.

      — Real Followers:

      Followers from 100% real and active english speaking Instagram users. These are real people who use Instagram actively - they publish posts, stories and do other type of activities any regular Instagram users do.

      Keep in mind that when you buy real followers we do not guarantee that they will engage with your content in any way. This package includes followers only, no other type of engagement is guaranteed. However, you might see an increase in other type of engagements as well.

      Both services come with BuzzVoice’s 30-day retention guarantee. If some of the followers would drop below the delivered count, we will add additional followers of the same type free-of-charge!

    • No. We only need your Instagram username. Our clients’ safety and privacy are of paramount importance to us here at Buzzvoice, which is why we will never ask for any unnecessary personal details or passwords.

    • Sorry, this is not possible. Your account must be public during the delivery period. Once delivery is complete, you can set it back to private.

    • Yes, of course. Each of our social media marketing packages is delivered to you in the safest and most secure way.

      All of the sophisticated social media marketing strategies we employ to help you grow are 100% legitimate and completely risk free.

      We will never ask for your Instagram login information, passwords or any other sensitive data and all we need from you is Instagram username of the account you want to promote to get started.

    • In theory, yes. The more followers you have, the more engagement you're likely to get.

      However, there are no guarantees as we can’t force people to like and comment on your Instagram posts!!!

      If you want more guaranteed likes, views or comments, check out ourother service pages.

      Combining followers with likes and views is a highly effective strategy to give your Instagram game a boost. So we always recommend that you combine two or three of our affordable services for maximum results.

      Our marketing packages are designed to give you a significant advantage in order to really increase your chances of getting to the top on Instagram.

    • It's a lot more cost-effective!

      Facebook ads can help you to reach more people, but there's no guarantee that they're going to watch your video.

      If you want guaranteed views at a much cheaper rates, our service is a no-brainer.

    • For our High Quality followers service the followers will be are premium quality worldwide Instagram users, they have real usernames, profile pictures, bio descriptions, most of them also have posts.

      For our Real Followers service you will receive followers from 100% real and active english speaking Instagram users. They are people who actively use Instagram — they publish posts, stories, reels. This is the best you can get when buying Instagram followers.

    • Nope. There's no way for them to tell, and your privacy is our top priority so you can rest assured that our lips are firmly sealed.

      No one will ever know if you have used any of BuzzVoice’s services unless you decide to tell them.

      You needn’t be all cloak and dagger about it though. There's a common misconception that buying services like these is somehow cheating.

      This simply isn't true. Our methods are used all the time by businesses as part of a wider social media strategy.

    BUYING INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS / Packages overview

    Buy 50 Instagram Followers

    Get 50 shiny new, real looking Instagram followers in the blink of an eye. Our 50 IG followers package is fast and cheap. Enjoy Instant delivery and delight as you watch your follower count increase!

    The 50 followers package is best for those who want to dip their toes in (and get a little boost) before making a larger purchase. This is our cheapest Insta followers package - perfect for trying out the service.

    Interested in buying 50 Instagram followers?

    • 50 Followers delivery starts in 1 hour!
    • 50 Followers price — just $2.97!
    • 30 days IG followers retention guarantee!
    • Email support — [email protected]
    • Buzzvoice — buying 50 Instagram followers with credit card, bitcoin & paypal. Secured checkout.

    Buy 100 Instagram Followers

    Want to know how to increase your Instagram follower numbers instantly? Easy! Buy 100 new Instagram followers from Buzzvoice today and enjoy instant delivery. With our 100 IG followers package, you’ll instantly increase your follower count as well as your credibility on Instagram.

    Take advantage of our social media marketing expertise and increase your chances of making it on the world’s biggest social media platform.

    Interested in buying 100 Instagram followers?

    • 100 Followers delivery starts in 1 hour!
    • 100 Followers price — just $4.97!
    • 30 days IG followers retention guarantee!
    • Email support — [email protected]
    • Buzzvoice — buying 100 Instagram followers with credit card, bitcoin & paypal. Secured checkout.

    Buy 250 Instagram Followers

    If you need a safe and secure Instagram marketing service that’s not only fast but cheap too, then look no further than Buzzvoice!

    Our 250 IG followers package is guaranteed to give your account that much-needed boost, fast.

    Purchase now to add 250 real looking Instagram followers to your account and get a big boost for a low cost.

    Interested in buying 250 Instagram followers?

    • 250 Followers delivery starts in 1 hour!
    • 250 Followers price — just $7.97!
    • 30 days IG followers retention guarantee!
    • Email support — [email protected]
    • Buzzvoice — buying 250 Instagram followers with credit card, bitcoin & paypal. Secured checkout.

    Buy 500 Instagram Followers

    Our 500 followers package may be cheap, but it's also high-quality. 500 of the best, real looking Instagram followers can be yours today for the bargain price of $13.97!

    For less than 14 dollars, you can enjoy the instant delivery of all 500 new followers. So what are you waiting for? Buy now and let’s increase your Insta followers already!

    Interested in buying 500 Instagram followers?

    • 500 Followers delivery starts in 1 hour!
    • 500 Followers price — just $13.97!
    • 30 days IG followers retention guarantee!
    • Email support — [email protected]
    • Buzzvoice — buying 500 Instagram followers with credit card, bitcoin & paypal. Secured checkout.

    Buy 1K Instagram Followers

    You’re just minutes away from getting 1k new IG followers! Exciting isn’t it! Buy our 1k Instagram followers package and watch as your follower count instantly increases.

    Increasing your IG follower count will help to boost your credibility and status, making it far more likely that you’ll achieve your social media marketing goals.

    Interested in buying 1K Instagram followers?

    • 1K Followers delivery starts in 1 hour!
    • 1K Followers price — just $24.97!
    • 30 days IG followers retention guarantee!
    • Email support — [email protected]
    • Buzzvoice — buying 1K Instagram followers with credit card, bitcoin & paypal. Secured checkout.

    Buy 2.5K Instagram Followers

    If you’re looking for a way to get ahead of the competition then our 2.5k IG followers' package could be just what you need! Its a fast, cheap and reliable way of increasing your follower count in a way that looks organic.

    Buy today and get a boost that will give you the edge over your biggest competitors.

    Interested in buying 2.5K Instagram followers?

    • 2.5K Followers delivery starts in 1 hour!
    • 2.5K Followers price — just $49.97!
    • 30 days IG followers retention guarantee!
    • Email support — [email protected]
    • Buzzvoice — buying 2.5K Instagram followers with credit card, bitcoin & paypal. Secured checkout.

    Buy 5K Instagram Followers

    Instagram is a highly competitive space. If you have steep competition and want to get a huge boost that will ensure that you stand out from the crowd. Go for this package.

    With our 5k Instagram followers package, you’ll get instant delivery of 5k real looking followers for an awesome price, giving you a great return on your investment.

    Interested in buying 5K Instagram followers?

    • 5K Followers delivery starts in 1 hour!
    • 5K Followers price — just $89.97!
    • 30 days IG followers retention guarantee!
    • Email support — [email protected]
    • Buzzvoice — buying 5K Instagram followers with credit card, bitcoin & paypal. Secured checkout.

    Buy 10K Instagram Followers

    When you're trying to attract sponsorship deals from big businesses and well-known brands, your IG follower count is the metric that grabs their attention.

    Buy our 10k package if you want to increase your chances of being noticed and attract lucrative deals to boost your bottom line.

    Interested in buying 10K Instagram followers?

    • 10K Followers delivery starts in 1 hour!
    • 10K Followers price — just $169.97!
    • 30 days IG followers retention guarantee!
    • Email support — [email protected]
    • Buzzvoice — buying 10K Instagram followers with credit card, bitcoin & paypal. Secured checkout.

    Buy 25K Instagram Followers

    Our 25k package is suitable for medium-sized to large businesses, influencers and brands. If you need to stay ahead of the curve and establish yourself or your business as the best in your niche, then this is the one for you.

    Get 25k real looking followers fast and easily with this great value Instagram followers package.

    Interested in buying 25K Instagram followers?

    • 25K Followers delivery starts in 1 hour!
    • 25K Followers price — just $309.97!
    • 30 days IG followers retention guarantee!
    • Email support — [email protected]
    • Buzzvoice — buying 25K Instagram followers with credit card, bitcoin & paypal. Secured checkout.

    Buy 50K Instagram Followers

    We understand that our clients are very busy people. Save your precious time and energy by buying our premium 50k followers service. This gold-service package includes instant delivery and you will get a significant boost to your account without all of the hard work.

    Our team of social media marketing experts are ready and waiting to process your order. Ready to get started?

    Interested in buying 50K Instagram followers?

    • 50K Followers delivery starts in 1 hour!
    • 50K Followers price — just 599.97!
    • 30 days IG followers retention guarantee!
    • Email support — [email protected]
    • Buzzvoice — buying 50K Instagram followers with credit card, bitcoin & paypal. Secured checkout.

    Why do people buy Instagram followers?

    These days it's really tough to stand out on Instagram.

    The market has become totally saturated, which means that it's becoming increasingly difficult for bloggers, influencers, celebrities and brands to stand out on the platform.

    The number of followers someone has now has become such a huge indicator of their popularity and status on Instagram that paying for Instagram followers has reached an absolute fever pitch.

    Absolutely everyone is doing it. In the fashion blogging world, for example, massive names like Jessica Quirk (from What I Wore) Kimberley Pesh (from Eat Sleep Wear) and Aimee song (from Song of Style) have reportedly been buying large numbers of followers.

    Even huge brands like Pepsi and Mercedes-Benz have used marketing services just like ours in order to inorganically beef up their followers count on Instagram.

    While the big companies are constantly buying followers in order to increase their status and perceived authority on Instagram, small and medium-sized businesses buy followers in order to increase their growth, credibility and their level of exposure.

    For those people who (for whatever reason) are just getting started on Instagram, buying followers is an affordable, quick and really easy method of getting the ball rolling.

    People also buy followers to get noticed, because originality sadly isn't as important as it used to be on Instagram.

    While there was a time that any user could stand out simply by creating amazing content, today it's all about the numbers.

    There is a huge amount of pressure on influencers, in particular, to maintain and grow their audience in order to appeal to advertisers. So many people depend on Instagram now for their livelihood, so it's no wonder that Instagram users from a variety of different niches, industries and backgrounds are all choosing to buy followers, likes, comments, and IGTV views from BuzzVoice.

    Another of the key reasons that people choose to buy followers is because it's super easy and incredibly affordable. It literally takes just a few clicks and a few dollars to get hundreds of new followers on your Instagram account.

    Our packages start from just $2.97 for 50 followers and we offer several packages up to a maximum of 50,000 followers, all of which can be delivered over a 10-day period. (you will typically receive your first followers within an hour).

    Why should I buy Instagram followers?

    There are many benefits to buying Instagram followers. Maybe you're looking for an inexpensive, quick and easy way to drum up a few thousand followers to get the ball rolling on a new account. Or perhaps you’re looking to grow your existing Instagram account by using a combination of organic and non-organic methods.

    Celebrities, bloggers, brands, businesses and influencers commonly use this tactic to increase their social media status. They do it because they recognise how important perception is on social media platforms like Instagram.

    More than 1 billion people use Instagram every month which means that it’s a highly competitive space. The number of followers is an important metric used by all Instagram users to determine whether or not your account is worth their time.

    The more followers you have, the more desirable your account seems and the more you are perceived to matter on Instagram. Buying Instagram followers is a no-brainer because it gets you more attention, more engagement and increases your status and influence on one of the world's most important social media platforms.

    What are the benefits of buying Instagram followers?

    One of the main benefits of buying Instagram followers is Increased exposure. Many people buy followers on a regular basis because doing so allows them to reach a much wider audience on Instagram.

    The more followers you have, the more likely it is that more people will follow you when they come across your post. It’s like a snowball effect. Many of our clients buy followers from us for precisely this reason.

    If you are new to Instagram or you are struggling to get a new business off the ground, buying followers can help you to get to the next level.

    Buying Instagram followers can help you to keep up with your competition. Purchasing followers allows businesses and influencers alike to keep up with the competition and experience growth in a highly competitive market.

    Purchasing Instagram followers can result in Increased revenue. Companies pay bloggers based on the perception of their influence. Large followings, therefore, attract large investments from bigger and wealthier brands.

    Many brands actually use the number of followers you have as a deciding factor of whether or not they want to work with you and they rarely take the number of organic verses inorganically gained followers into account.

    More credibility. Many people use the number of Instagram followers that someone has in order to decide how credible they are. What this means is that if you have a high number of followers it makes it that much easier to get new organic followers to jump on board.

    Will buying Instagram followers help me to grow my business?

    Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for any business, big or small, new or established, to increase their visibility and reach and engage with a huge audience of potential customers.

    Contrary to popular belief, people actually like to follow businesses on Instagram. If you have a business presence on Instagram, buying followers should definitely be an integral part of your social media marketing strategy. When you buy a few thousand followers, you encourage more organic followers. It’s a snowball type effect that works brilliantly, and many of our clients have greatly benefited from adopting this method.

    In today's highly competitive market, purchasing followers will give your account an advantageous boost. Buying Instagram followers from us will help you to rapidly increase your customer base, grow your online presence, and save you a lot of time and effort.

    If you're looking to grow your business using Instagram, we recommend that you consider purchasing Instagram likes, comments and video views in addition to buying followers.

    What is social proof and why is it important?

    Social proof is a concept that is as old as marketing itself. It is a psychological phenomenon which basically means that people rely on the words and actions of other people in order to make their own choices and decisions.

    You have probably heard the phrase “everyone else is doing it” and you have no doubt yourself been influenced by this mentality at some point. It's not always a bad thing, in fact, we humans have evolved to rely on others in this way because it saves us time and energy.

    On social media, this process of influencing others is known as social proof. The mentality is that if a huge number of people are following you, then you must be worth following, and so you are much more likely to get followers if you have a lot of them already.

    This is why it can be especially important for new businesses to buy followers early on because it helps to build up momentum. Social proof has a huge influence on peoples opinions and their purchasing decisions so acquiring it (in the form of followers, likes comments or shares) also encourages trust in your business and in your brand.

    Does buying Instagram followers work?

    Yes, it does. Very well. It works because your business or brand seems so much more compelling and convincing when there are 10,000 or more people behind it.

    The vast majority of people prefer to follow accounts that already have a lot of followers. This is because it saves them the time and mental effort it takes to decide whether or not you are worth following on their own.

    Having a large number of followers, therefore, makes the decision to join your clan much easier for potential new followers, which is why you can expect to gain some new organic followers too when you buy.

    Whether you are looking to become a social media celebrity, or you just want to grow your business and spread awareness of your brand, Buying a few thousand followers is an effective social media strategy that can certainly help you to get there.

    How soon can I get my followers?

    That depends on how many you order. We will deliver your followers gradually in order to mimic organic growth as closely as possible. Delivery usually starts within just one hour of your purchase and may take anything up to 10 days for very large orders (50,000 followers or more).

    All you need to do is provide us with your Instagram username (no password needed) and then sit back and watch as the figures grow!

    Our clients’ safety and privacy are of paramount importance to us here at Buzzvoice, which is why we will never ask for any unnecessary personal details or passwords.

    We accept payments via safe and secure methods such as PayPal & Bitcoin as well as all major credit cards.

    If you have any questions or queries about any of the services we offer, please don't hesitate to contact us. A member of our specialist team is always on hand to offer help and advice.

    What makes your service stand out?

    While there are plenty of companies offering to sell Instagram followers, we hope that you will choose to work with us here at BuzzVoice.

    Our friendly, professional and knowledgeable team are always on hand to give you help and advice. When you work with us, you will be sure to benefit from our years of experience in the field.

    Instagram constantly changes and evolves, which is why we consistently monitor any and all relevant updates in order to ensure that our service is always a cut above our competition.

    We also offer our first-rate social media marketing services at extremely competitive low prices.

    When you choose BuzzVoice, you choose great quality, affordability and a stress-free experience.

    We work incredibly hard to ensure that all of our social media marketing services provide the maximum benefits while still complying fully with Instagram's ever-changing guidelines. So you can rest assured that you will see tangible results fast.

    Furthermore, at BuzzVoice, we will never ever ask for personal details or any of your sensitive data. Your Instagram username and your order details are all we need from you to get started.

    Tips for getting more Instagram followers.

    1. Join engagement groups.

      There are now many groups you can join on Instagram that can help you to grow your account.

      Look for groups that have “Instagram engagement” or “Instagram growth” in the title and you can easily connect with like-minded people who will be happy to follow, like, share and comment provided that you do the same for them.

      If you really commit yourself to this strategy, you can expect to gain up to 1000 followers per week. Doing this in addition to buying followers will, therefore, get you to where you need to be a whole lot quicker.

      Don't just follow any old group though, it's much smarter to find a group that operates in your niche for best results.

      Be warned, this strategy may not help you with sales, but it will certainly help you with credibility.

    2. Repost other people's (successful) content.

      Reposting content is a lot easier than creating your own. But, If you're reposting other people's content, make sure that you give them credit. That said, done well, this can be a great strategy when you're first starting out to help build your following.

      Get yourself a repost app like Repostwhiz or Ezrepost+ to manage this effectively. Then scour Instagram for the best most engaging content you can find that's relevant to your niche and re-post. Simple! It's better to look for content posted by individuals as opposed to your competitors.

    3. Ask customers or low-level influencers to share their photos.

      Having customers’ photos in your feed helps increase your level of social proof. Reach out to your customers and encourage them to share their photos in your feed. Offering a freebie or a discount code can be a good short-term incentive for customers to share their pictures.

      If you don't have enough customers yet, try contacting influencers with 5000 followers or fewer.

      This may not sound like a lot, but low-level influencers who are looking to monetize are likely to be open to posting pictures of themselves featuring your product on your feed in exchange for a low rate of pay or an affiliate link.

      As the number of customer photos on your feed increases, you should find that you are being tagged more naturally. This then gives you an opportunity to comment and or repost which will increase your engagement even further.

    4. Embed Instagram posts into your blog posts.

      Whether you have your own personal blog or a business blog, embedding some of your best (relevant) Instagram posts into your blog posts is really easy to do and is a great way to drive traffic to your Insta page and turn your blog readers into Instagram followers.

      Don't expect super fast results with this. It will work, but it is more of a long-term strategy to get more followers. Buying followers is by far the quickest easiest method of increasing the number of followers on your Instagram account.

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