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    How to buy TikTok Likes?

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    Our TikTok Likes packages start from as low as $2.97 for 100 Likes!

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    Get TikTok Likes starting from just $2.97!

    If you want to save the time and energy it takes to build momentum on your TikTok Likes, look no further!

    Whether you want 100 TikTok Likes or 10000, we can help. Our TikTok packages are brilliant value and can be delivered in just a few short hours.

    Ordering TikTok Likes couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is select your TikTok video link and let us work our magic! Sounds good?

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    Frequently asked questions

    • Of course! And BuzzVoice is hands down the best place to purchase TikTok Likes from.

      Social media services are vital and invaluable help to a lot of influencers and businesses on various social media platforms. TikTok is the newest and freshest social media on the block, and thus, its likes are highly sought after.

      Boost your status, improve engagement numbers and increase sales with the help of TikTok likes from Buzzvoice. It’s an affordable and simple boost to any account!

    • TikTok likes will usually begin appearing within a few hours.
      Delivery will start within this timeframe: 30 minutes to 12 hours.

      We are oriented towards giving you a smooth, and fluent TikTok likes buying service. Thus, BuzzVoice will deliver likes quickly for every single order. Depending on the size of your order, and how busy the servers are, the first likes might take slightly longer to appear, as we have a capability limit on how many likes we can handle each hour. Worry not, as your order will definitely be delivered within a few hours. The maximum wait time is 12 hours for the liking to begin.

    • Yes, you can distribute likes between videos. Simply fill in your Tiktok username in the order form above and you will be given a feed of your latest posts. Simply select the videos you want to spread the likes on, and proceed with your order.

      Please note, that the distributed amount cannot be smaller than 50 likes per video. So, for example, you can evenly distribute 1000 likes to as many as 20 videos. Furthermore, the largest likes package of 10,000 likes can be distributed between hundreds of your videos to improve your personal or business brand prestige!

    • You can rest assured that buying TikTok likes from BuzzVoice will exceed your expectations. In case any need any assistance please reach out to us at [email protected]

      We have years of experience in providing social media services for a broad global network of clients. TikTok likes and other TikTok services are the newest addition to the vast list of available services. We offer swift delivery as well as many payment methods for your convenience.

    • By going to Buzzvoice, adding your likes package to cart and choosing one of the widely accepted payment methods that aren’t PayPal.

      Buzzvoice accepts payments by card and cryptocurrencies through CoinPayments. If you want to avoid PayPal, choose our site to buy TikTok likes. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron and Maestro cards. Finally, Buzzvoice handles cryptocurrency transactions via CoinPayments. So, if you want to pay with BTC, ETH or tens of various ALTcoins, you can do that as well.

    • Yes, we offer affordable likes packages in every price category. The cheapest TikTok likes package costs 2.97$ for 100 likes. This is a fantastic deal for a head start on this social media platform. As you select larger packages, the price per like, significantly decreases, which means that by buying more, you also get more bang for your buck.

    • It should help a lot. BuzzVoice can’t give any guarantees as any social media platform is live and ever-changing. But getting more likes definitely improves your chances of getting noticed by TikTok’s algorithm. This means that the more likes you get, the higher the possibility of being featured on the ‘For you’ section of the feed. This will, in turn, generate more views and bring fame as well!

    • In general, BuzzVoice does not offer free social media services. But. You can upgrade your likes package during the checkout process to get an amazing discount for a bigger purchase which is almost like getting free likes. However, in terms of absolutely free TikTok likes, you need to stay consistent with your uploads and grind it out.

      BuzzVoice also publishes articles on social media-related content, including how to get likes and what to post on TikTok for better engagement. Read those, and you could get an impression on what to post on TikTok for more likes!

    What are the benefits of buying TikTok Likes?

    The main benefits of purchasing Tiktok likes can be summarised as follows:

    • It’s cheap: buying TikTok likes is much cheaper than hiring a content manager or social media strategist to carefully plan and craft content over a longer period. You can purchase likes and enjoy the fame and prestige right away.
    • It’s quick: whereas social media content strategies take a while to bring in results, your likes will appear within hours of purchase. This is a swift and almost instant delivery of services which helps you reap the benefits in the blink of an eye!
    • It’s long-term: likes won’t disappear overnight. Our services are oriented towards quality, so we have likes of real people. This isn’t just a short-term juice injection. Buying TikTok likes from BuzzVoice is an investment into your social media prestige.
    • It’s authentic: since likes are not botted, the social media algorithm might pick up your video and start showing it to more people. By looking a lot more legit, you can influence or advertise your products and service.
    • You can jumpstart your business or influencer career: speaking of which, more likes equal more credibility. By appearing as a more reputable and trustworthy brand/person, you can boost sales or become a popular personality on this social media. If you are looking for quick and cheap ways to boost popularity, this is definitely it!

    5 Tips to Get More Likes on TikTok

    • Don’t be afraid to post fails: trust us, everyone fails miserably, and it happens quite often. Whether it’s a dance gone horribly wrong or a drinking challenge that ends up not as planned, don’t hesitate to share fails. It will help brighten up someone else’s day and will result in more views, comments and shares for you. Fail videos are the easiest form of content to come up with because they do happen naturally, and you won’t need to craft ideas or re-enact a situation with other people.
    • Do things with other people: TikTok has a very successful Duet feature that tends to attract views. If you partner up with other people or reasonably famous TikTokers, you greatly improve your chances of getting good engagement numbers.
    • Hop on a bandwagon: lthere are tons of trends and challenges out on TikTok at any given time. You had the crazy, funky video with the ‘Wow, you can really dance’ soundtrack, you had the coffee trend as well as FlipTheSwitch challenge amongst many others. At the time when you’re reading this, TikTok is likely full of trends and challenges with untapped potential. This is an excellent opportunity for you to jump on and make a video. These videos will help the algorithm favour your content.
    • Music & Dance: because TikTok was before a major rebrand, music and soundtracks are its bread & butter. If you know a song that is worth dancing to or a tune that you can simply groove out to, definitely do it. TikTok audiences do enjoy entertaining dancing routines that include memes, jokes, silly behaviour, etc. You can get inspiration from the hundreds of thousands of similarly shot videos that are already public.
    • Make something your own: if you can consistently put out content that is high-quality but has a unique vibe to it, definitely do it. You can draw inspiration from others, sure, but the best and most effective content for likes is something that you think of yourself.

    Buying TikTok Likes / Packages overview

    Buy 100 TikTok Likes

    Fancy running a promo on TikTok or showing off to your friends? Whatever you want to achieve, BuzzVoice can help you get there by delivering high-quality TikTok likes to any video on your profile.

    Enter your username, select this package and see how these likes immediately boost the prestige and status of your page. This is a great, cheap package to test out how this service works.

    Interested in buying 100 TikTok Likes?

    • 100 Likes delivery starts in 1 hour!
    • 100 Likes price — just $2.97!
    • 30 days Tiktok likes retention guarantee!
    • Email support — [email protected]
    • Buzzvoice — buying 100 Tiktok likes with credit card, bitcoin & paypal. Secured checkout.

    Buy 250 TikTok Likes

    If you’re concerned about personal or brand reputation - we have you covered. With 250 TikTok likes you can definitely stand out as a more reputable and better-known content creator.

    This is an affordable package that brings in guaranteed results for less than it costs to buy a large cup of coffee at Starbucks. Delivery starts in 12 hours.

    Interested in buying 250 TikTok Likes?

    • 250 Likes delivery starts in 1 hour!
    • 250 Likes price — just $5.97!
    • 30 days Tiktok likes retention guarantee!
    • Email support — [email protected]
    • Buzzvoice — buying 250 Tiktok likes with credit card, bitcoin & paypal. Secured checkout.

    Buy 500 TikTok Likes

    500 extra likes on a video on TikTok does sound nice, right? Well, you don’t have to grind too much and spend all of your efforts on just trying to get people to notice and appreciate the stuff that you make.

    You can get guaranteed results thanks to BuzzVoice. We offer a plethora of social media services, including TikTok likes for sale. Get 500 and enjoy!

    Interested in buying 500 TikTok Likes?

    • 500 Likes delivery starts in 1 hour!
    • 500 Likes price — just $10.97!
    • 30 days Tiktok likes retention guarantee!
    • Email support — [email protected]
    • Buzzvoice — buying 500 Tiktok likes with credit card, bitcoin & paypal. Secured checkout.

    Buy 750 TikTok Likes

    This is a medium-sized package of TikTok likes which can help you improve the prestige of your brand on social media as well as make you much more noticeable.

    750 likes is a decent amount for an up-and-coming content creator or a niche brand. Thus, you should definitely take advantage of it and benefit from the perks it offers for your personal or business brand.

    Interested in buying 750 TikTok Likes?

    • 750 Likes delivery starts in 1 hour!
    • 750 Likes price — just $14.97!
    • 30 days Tiktok likes retention guarantee!
    • Email support — [email protected]
    • Buzzvoice — buying 750 Tiktok likes with credit card, bitcoin & paypal. Secured checkout.

    Buy 1K TikTok Likes

    If you’re serious about growing a presence on TikTok, you’ll definitely consider the 1,000 likes package. All you need to do is enter your username and select a video or multiple videos and split the likes between them.

    BuzzVoice will deliver in 12 hours and you can read hundreds of overwhelmingly positive reviews from satisfied customers on our site, to see just how effective our services really are!

    Interested in buying 1K TikTok Likes?

    • 1K Likes delivery starts in 1 hour!
    • 1K Likes price — just $17.97!
    • 30 days Tiktok likes retention guarantee!
    • Email support — [email protected]
    • Buzzvoice — buying 1K Tiktok likes with credit card, bitcoin & paypal. Secured checkout.

    Buy 2.5K TikTok Likes

    Add it to a single video or split it amongst many content creations. The 2,500 TikTok likes service package offers flexibility.

    The value for money is great and since delivery starts in 12 hours, you won’t need to wait days or weeks to see the results. They will be available to you in a moment’s notice. All we need is your username!

    Interested in buying 2.5K TikTok Likes?

    • 2.5K Likes delivery starts in 1 hour!
    • 2.5K Likes price — just $35.97!
    • 30 days Tiktok likes retention guarantee!
    • Email support — [email protected]
    • Buzzvoice — buying 2.5K Tiktok likes with credit card, bitcoin & paypal. Secured checkout.

    Buy 5K TikTok Likes

    The second-largest TikTok likes package offers great value for money to both up-and-coming and well-established content creators. Getting 5,000 likes in 12 hours seems like an excellent deal, doesn’t it?

    There isn’t another option, measure or strategy that can guarantee such results in such little time.

    Interested in buying 5K TikTok Likes?

    • 5K Likes delivery starts in 1 hour!
    • 5K Likes price — just $59.97!
    • 30 days Tiktok likes retention guarantee!
    • Email support — [email protected]
    • Buzzvoice — buying 5K Tiktok likes with credit card, bitcoin & paypal. Secured checkout.

    Buy 10K TikTok Likes

    If you want the best service available, choose the 10,000 TikTok likes from BuzzVoice.

    By buying this package, you will be getting the most likes, the best numbers and the most flexibility and versatility for profile/brand improvement.

    Get the likes - they’re cheap and grow on TikTok quicker than ever before!

    Interested in buying 10K TikTok Likes?

    • 10K Likes delivery starts in 1 hour!
    • 1K0 Likes price — just $109.97!
    • 30 days Tiktok likes retention guarantee!
    • Email support — [email protected]
    • Buzzvoice — buying 10K Tiktok likes with credit card, bitcoin & paypal. Secured checkout.

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