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    How to buy TikTok Comments?

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    Our TikTok Comments packages start from as low as $2.99 for 10 Random Comments!

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    We only require your TikTok username to proceed and select TikTok posts - No password required.

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    Get TikTok Comments starting from just $2.99!

    If you want to save the time and energy it takes to build momentum on your TikTok Comments, look no further!

    Whether you want 10 TikTok Comments or 500, we can help. Our TikTok packages are brilliant value and can be delivered in just a few short hours.

    Ordering TikTok Comments couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is select your TikTok video link and let us work our magic! Sounds good?

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    Frequently asked questions

    • Yes, you definitely can. Begin by filling out the order form. So, enter your username and selecting the comments package, then click ‘Next’. In the next screen, tap on the posts which you wish to add the comments to.

      Don’t forget that you can distribute comments to as many posts as you like, just as long as there are no less than 50 comments per post. All spread comments are divided into equal parts.

    • No, we do not. BuzzVoice will never ask for sensitive TikTok account information as it is completely unnecessary and unrelated to the purchase of our social media services.

      We can ensure discreet, safe, secure and transparent sale as well as delivery of the TikTok comments that you purchase.

    • The delivery time is 12 hours, so you will receive comments in around 12 hours, but the actual time can vary slightly. Due to the nature of our business, we have some overload times when we have to handle a lot of orders and requests simultaneously.

      During this time, orders take longer to fulfil, while at other times deliveries are much quicker and happen a lot faster than during peak hours. We encourage you to remain patient and wait until the order is fulfilled until you purchase another set of comments.

    • Various real-life accounts that have unique profiles and interests. These are just real profiles that will post random comments under your post. These comments will show appreciation, express gratitude or send positive vibes to you and your audience.

      However, we cannot list the exact usernames of these profiles because they are always changing, like real people.

    • If you have turned off comments on TikTok, here is how you turn them on:

      • 1. Go to the settings tab by clicking on the icon in the top-right hand side

      • 2. Now search for the ‘Privacy and Safety’ icon

      • 3. Click on it

      • 4. Tap ‘Who can Post Comments’

      • 5. In there select ‘Everyone’ to allow everyone to comment on your posts

      If commenting is off or if you only allow comments from friends, this service will not work, so make sure that it is properly set up before you make a purchase!

    • We cannot issue any guarantees, but having more comments and more engagement with your posts definitely helps.

      TikTok’s FYP is based on the common interests of audience members that are similar to you. So, since you will be getting comments from real users, people with similar interests will have a higher chance to see your content on their FYP.

    • Comments on TikTok are usually sorted by relevance. This means that the algorithm of the app decides which comments are the most relevant and shows them to the audience.

      Relevance is impacted by the number of likes, replies, content posted and of course the age of the comment. The owner of the page can also hide comments he or she deems inappropriate or unwanted.

      This can be done by navigating to ‘Privacy and Safety’ -> ‘Filter Comments’ -> ‘Filter by Keywords’ and typing in keywords that should be hidden from the comment section.

    • TikTok comments may be not working for a couple of reasons. First of all, your internet connection may be poor or TikTok servers may be facing an issue.

      Try reconnecting or waiting a while before retrying. A possible second explanation – the owner of the post has restricted the comment section. If someone else’s comments aren’t working, it may be that they have restricted access, too.

      However, if your comments are totally out of order and nothing else seems to be causing the issue, report it to the app developers and wait for them to fix it while simultaneously deleting and reinstalling the app.

    • Yes, it is possible to delete TikTok comments. You can only delete TikTok comments on your own posts or only those comments on other posts that you made from your account.

      So, if you wish to remove an unwanted comment, go to the comment thread/section and press/hold on the comment which you wish to delete. When the prompt menu appears, select delete. That’s it, your TikTok comment will now be deleted.

    • Yes, you can add hashtags to TikTok comments. However, as most social media-related blogs and experts claim, adding hashtags to comments is not nearly as effective as putting them in the post caption.

      So, BuzzVoice also recommends trying to stay within the character limit for the post description so you can make the most of their use.

    5 Tips to get more comments on TikTok

    Here are 5 practical tips for users if they wish to get more comments on TikTok.

    • Ask questions. Whether you write them in the caption or the comment section, or if you put them in text in the video, questions should and likely will receive responses from some audience members.
    • Don’t reuse videos. Reused and reposted videos tend to get very little engagement from TikTok users. That’s likely because they are less likely to be featured on the FYP. So, our advice is to be original.
    • Comment on other videos. Posting comments on other videos, encouraging other content creators and praising their efforts should get you beneficial results as other content creators may return the favour.
    • Research hashtags. Hashtags are the cheapest method for content advertising on social media. Research hashtags and use them in the caption to make your content much more visible to TikTok audiences around the world.
    • Upload regularly. If you happen to upload regularly, you have a higher chance of creating an engaged audience. They will definitely interact with what you post and share their thoughts in the comment section.

    Why BuzzVoice is #1 Site to buy TikTok Comments?

    BuzzVoice should be your one-stop shop for all social media services, including TikTok comments.

    Firstly, because we have successfully fulfilled thousands of orders for services just like TikTok comments.

    You can read all of more than 700 overwhelmingly positive reviews that were made by satisfied customers. Over a long period of time we have maintained a 4.9/5 rating with a lot of review.

    Secondly, you can purchase not just comments, but also likes, shares, video views and followers. So anyone can help their account skyrocket by purchasing affordable TikTok services that will definitely impact your account status in a positive way.

    Finally, with BuzzVoice you can always expect security and transparency. You can always reach out to get support. Payments are handled by trusted service providers from all over the world and the delivery of comments, likes, etc. is quite fast as well.

    So, if you wish to grow on TikTok, choose BuzzVoice and you’ll definitely have something to be happy about!

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